Flight Attendant Theology

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted lately with all the things I have committed myself to. Feeling like I constantly have to do more.

During this time I’ve been slacking in the self-care department quite a bit. While I’ve been committed to being less selfish, I’ve been neglecting my own heart in the pursuit of serving others.

Last night I was watching a video and the person speaking quoted one of the most well known verses in the Bible

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:31

I realized that I’ve always focused on the first part- loving your neighbor. I’ve never given much thought to the part about yourself.

I think it’s kinda like when you go on a plane and the flight attendant tells you that in the event of an emergency, you should put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST and then help your child get their mask on. Because if you aren’t caring for yourself, then you won’t be able to care for your child.

The same goes with loving and serving others– you have to fill yourself up to be able to pour out to others.

So whatever way you feel The Lord is calling you to serve – do so with your whole heart! Just make sure your heart is whole to begin with.

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