Slave to Inspiration

For so long I have feared living a life of insignificance. I’m afraid of being normal,  boring, and unimportant. Ever since I was little I wanted to be famous. First I wanted to be a singer, then a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, then a D1 basketball player and be on TV. All of my dreams included… Continue reading Slave to Inspiration

Stop Starting Over

It’s late Monday night and I’m taking a shower before getting into bed. I woke up at 6:20am, went to work, worked until 5:30pm, drove 40 minutes, gave 4 pitching lessons, drove back home 40 minutes, scarfed down some dinner my roommate made, and now here I am in the shower and ready to crash… Continue reading Stop Starting Over

Flight Attendant Theology

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted lately with all the things I have committed myself to. Feeling like I constantly have to do more. During this time I’ve been slacking in the self-care department quite a bit. While I’ve been committed to being less selfish, I’ve been neglecting my own heart in the pursuit of serving… Continue reading Flight Attendant Theology

I don’t really care if I’m the kind of woman a godly man deserves

    On Friday I decided to pick up a book that I had almost finished but had abandoned for the last couple of months. Honestly, I wasn’t even that into the book, I just wanted to finish off the last three chapters so it wouldn’t add up on my list of books I started… Continue reading I don’t really care if I’m the kind of woman a godly man deserves

John Mayer and Pharrell in church?

The band played a John Mayer song at church yesterday… and it was awesome. Now I know this whole ‘the church and secular music’ this has been done and overdone many times. However I hope to give a new perspective on it specifically dealing with playing secular songs in church. Let’s start with a scenario…… Continue reading John Mayer and Pharrell in church?

Hope for the Desert

Question: What does a blogger blog about when they feel that they have nothing to offer? Answer: The desert. This topic… the desert… has been appearing all over my life recently; in sermons, videos, a podcast I listen to. I cannot escape it. How fitting, considering I am in a desert in my life. This… Continue reading Hope for the Desert